Despite what many people think, fats in a diet are actually a very good thing. Fats have gotten a bad reputation when it comes to foods but, the reality is that most people are misinformed. In fact, implementing fats in your diet can have exponentially healthy benefits that can last a lifetime and do good for your body. Also, most people do not know that most foods that people eat such as fish and nuts are rich in fats. So, people may be eating fats when they do not even know it. Containing healthy benefits such as protein, iron, and other similar elements, fats actually provide benefits that directly and positively affect the major parts of the body such as the heart, brain, and liver.

In what can be a shocking truth to many people, eating these fats can even accelerate the body’s ability to burn bad fat from your body. In other words, eating good fats is actually a very effective weight loss method for those trying to lose weight.One of the ways these fats work is by helping help the body feel full longer thus leading to a person eating less and losing weight. Proper intake of healthy fats can also support the body’s ability to reduce calorie intake and maintain high energy levels. Needless to say, properly eating fats can provide many benefits. So, as a way of understanding more on these healthy fats, here are the top 10 fat-rich foods that are actually good for your body.

#10: Coconuts

Surprising to many people, coconuts are one of the healthiest fat-rich foods anyone can eat. Coconuts are so fat rich in their form that over 80% of their fatty acids in them are saturated. From the coconut skin itself to the juice, coconuts are a great source of nutrition that is full of benefits. However, just like every food, it is important to properly intake every food you eat. Too much of anything can be bad for you.

#9: Coconut Oil

Despite what some people think, coconuts and coconut oil is not the same thing. The properties from oils and foods are quite substantial. For coconut oil, this fat-rich food additive has many benefits. For coconut oil, its benefits include some of the same as regular coconut plus benefits that directly influence the heart, which can be a major healthy positive.

#8: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Similar to coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil is a fat rich food that is tremendously good for your body. For this fatty food additive, the benefits go from vitamin benefits to other antioxidant benefits.

#7: Nuts

In a more familiar fat-rich food that is good for your body, nuts of most if not all kinds can have extremely healthy benefits. Nuts, in general, provide fiber and a big pump of protein in every serving. By also containing vitamin benefits and even magnesium boosts, the benefits of this healthy fast food is overwhelming. The unfortunate reality is that most people do not eat enough of it.

#6: Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds, not commonly associated with being a healthy fat-rich food, can within certain grams contain grams upon grams of healthy fat. Actually, because most of what makes up chia seed are mostly fiber, most of its caloric output comes from fat.

#5: Eggs

Here is a food that all people know that is packed with very healthy fats. Eggs, a common food in pretty much every diet, provides benefits from vitamins and minerals but, is mostly known for its high protein levels.

#4: Cheese

Cheese is also another food that is all too common in most people’s diets. Rich in fat and other benefits such as calcium and protein, no one can ever go wrong with a delicious slice of cheese.

#3: Fish

This food is hit or miss with people meaning some people love it and others do not. However, fish is definitely a great source of food that is packed with tons of health benefits. Other than the fact that it is rich in fat, fish also provides protein and fatty acid benefits that positively affect the heart and other parts of the body.

#2: Avocados

Although it is not as popular as some of the other fat foods on this list, avocados are one of the best ways to consume healthy fats. Packed with calories, carbs, oils and much more benefits making a very long list, avocados are greatly associated to produce tons of health benefits that are great for your body.

#1: Dark Chocolate

At number one on the list of the top 10 fat-rich foods that are actually good for you is dark chocolate. A rather popular choice of foods loved by many people, dark chocolate is one of the best and, by many, considered the best form of consuming healthy fats. By combining a delicious treat with positive benefits such as fiber, iron, and magnesium, dark chocolate has even been associated with leading to benefits that can extend your lifespan.