Ibogaine Treatment

Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment is the World’s Leading Addiction Treatment

Crossroads Treatment Center focuses on restoring the chemical balances and level of functioning within the brain. Chemical dependency mostly develops in people who struggle with a former chemical imbalance in the brain. Once addiction kicks in, the brain loses control and balance even more. At Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center we understand that to overcome addiction in the fastest, easiest, and most complete manner, it is necessary to restore the brain’s natural chemistry, balance, and functioning first. The chemical imbalances are different for each person. This is why Crossroads’ treatment approach is focused on restoring the neurological order and optimal brain biochemistry.

Before treatment, the addicted mind only functions in accordance with the drug of choice in an automatic way. Ibogaine treatment in a way, hacks the circuits of the brain, effectively resetting the neural-pathways that serve the addiction. This completely eradicates the obsession behind the dependency because the pathways no longer exist. It also restores the brain’s functioning and control by resetting dopamine neurotransmitters. Dopamine is a central neurotransmitter in the circuit that regulates learning, pleasure and reinforcement. Before the treatment, dopamine is released and transmitted in conjunction to the drug; post treatment, the dopamine uptake pathways are free to function normally. One’s level of dopamine plays a major role in addiction, cravings, pleasure, and obsession. Ibogaine cures addiction by restoring the natural flow of dopamine as well as other neurotransmitters.

Crossroads treatments also consist of therapy. These treatment experiences allow each person to have a unique experience based on their individual life and specific struggles. During treatment each person will have a different experience. Ibogaine removes the blinders and helps people see the truths of whom they really are, and where they went wrong. From this perspective it is easy to see yourself for the loving and healthy being that are you, while becoming aware of the self-destructive habits you have picked up along the way of your life’s path. It becomes clearer what you need to do to move forward in life. This new clarity gives you hope, and restores your faith and your passion. Once free, most people take their lives to an entirely new level- sobriety and staying clean is only the first step, not the final goal. We offer an excellent after care program to ensure a permanent and life-changing transformation for everyone who wants to take their life to a whole new level. It is not only about sobriety, it is about creating a life that is worth living!

Our treatments are the world’s leading addictions treatment (and as close as we have come to a cure) for: heroin, opiates, meth, cocaine, alcohol, methadone, suboxone, and other addictive chemical drugs. Crossroads is the most effective and simple drug detoxification program that currently exists, but this type of treatment is not for everyone. Call us now to find out if our treatment is right for you 619-452-1130.

This advanced treatment; also known as Ibogaine Therapy, is a relatively new drug & alcohol detoxification treatment / therapy. Our treatment / therapy is designed to interrupt and break the vicious cycle of substance dependency while ameliorating, and even eliminating withdrawal symptoms.

At Crossroads Center’s clinic located in Mexico- we are interrupting drug addiction with our advanced treatment / therapy. The introduction of this unique solution combined with our integrated after care and personal growth program has proven to be the world’s most successful treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

Located in beautiful Mexico, our spacious and comfortable Ibogaine centre is staffed and equipped for all situations. Patient monitoring is provided around-the-clock by a trained and compassionate nursing staff.