Addictions Rehab

Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center’s Addictions Rehab
Knowing which rehabilitation center will benefit you most, is critical. There are so many rehabs and facilities available to treat addiction. However, many of these addiction rehabs are based on long-term recovery programs such as the 12-step recovery concept developed by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Through personal observations, as well as professional research and facts, it is easy to see that the success rate for these traditional rehabs is very low. It is imperative that you find an addictions rehab that is designed around you and meeting your needs and preferences. It is no longer necessary to live your life in recovery; it is possible to break completely free of your addiction and never turn back.

Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center offers a luxurious resort and state of the art addictions rehab that is based around Ibogaine treatments and therapy.  Through our addictions rehab center patients experience Ibogaine treatments, education on addiction, therapy and life coaching, and a safe, comfortable, and nourishing environment to restore, rejuvenate, and start rebuilding a new life. After you have been approved for our Ibogaine treatments, and arrive at our medical center, you safely and comfortably begin your detox. As soon as you begin detox and start your treatment the withdrawal symptoms that would normally be associated with chemical dependency, will be eliminated along with cravings. Additionally, the obsession for your drug of choice will have completely subsided.

During your stay you will see that we offer the finest accommodations to aid in your support, comfort, and recovery. You will be accompanied by medical doctors and nurses throughout your stay. You will be guided through the entire process and have lots of different people to connect with. You will enjoy a private oceanfront residence with plenty of space to relax and recuperate. This will be your Sanctuary for healing. During you stay you will have many opportunities to nourish your mind, body, and spirit; you will explore and develop your overall health and wellness.

Some Benefits & Amenities of our Center:

      • Personal counseling sessions
      • Massage therapy
      • Activities & exercises
      • Fresh & organic cooked meals
      • Full sized pool; hot tub
      • Private air conditioned suites
      • Personal bath
      • High speed internet
      • World’s most beautiful beaches

Crossroads Ibogaine treatment is the most effective and simple drug detoxification that currently exists, but this type of treatment and rehab is not for everyone. Individuals with an active disease affecting the heart, lung or liver will not be accepted for Rosarito’s Ibogaine treatment. Call us now to find out if our Ibogaine treatment is right for you 619-452-1130.

Drug Rehab Protocol
Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center takes the time to evaluate each guest individually, and then decide the best plan of action. We conduct a thorough preliminary medical examination for each guest to determine eligibility, and upon completion and approval, an experienced doctor will safely administer Ibogaine therapy in a medically supervised environment. During the entire treatment, every guest’s progress will be monitored by a medical doctor and registered nurse. We will also help you develop a customized aftercare plan to ensure a successful acclimation to the lifestyle changes you will experience.

Taking Action
Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center’s Ibogaine detox is a drug addiction rehabilitation program that allows each guest to safely detox without experiencing unnecessary withdrawal symptoms or drug cravings. Don’t let your drug addiction continue to disrupt your life. The absolute cure is finally available. We invite you to call today – 619-452-1130- and see how Ibogaine can help you take back the control and freedom in your life.