What Role Does Brain Chemistry Play in Addiction?

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Have you ever wondered if there could be a direct relation between addiction and brain chemistry? Well, for years now addiction professionals have been debating the exact origin of drug addiction. Drug addiction treatment professionals, who specialize in cocaine treatment, heroin treatment, alcohol treatment, oxycontin treatment, meth treatment, share the view that addiction is more common in people who lack discipline. However, there is another school of thought suggesting addiction is caused by unbalanced brain chemistry or in other words, a disease.

Nonetheless, the disease theory has become the more recognized of the two. The American Medical Association has officially diagnosed both drug addiction and alcoholism as a chronic disease. People suffering from addiction have brains that are both physiologically and chemically different from that of non-addicted people. The disease theory suggests that addiction and the brain are inherently interconnected.

Further scientific studies based on the relation between the brain and addiction has revealed that the pleasure center pathways of the brain are greatly influenced by alcohol and drugs. The brains neurotransmitters constantly send messages to the brain. These neurotransmitters contain chemical hormones called dopamine and serotonin. These hormones are associated with good feelings. Continuous consumption of alcohol and drugs cause over-stimulation of the brain’s hormones. Eventually the brain becomes completely dependent these substances in order to produce these chemical hormones.

We have learned to commonly associate addiction the abuse of alcohol or drugs; however, addiction is actually a result of a prior chemical imbalance of the brain. This is the reason for the compulsive urge to consume drugs and alcohol irrespective of the consequences that may follow.  Today, the most successful drug addiction treatments recognize these dynamics of addiction and are designed to specifically treat these imbalances.

Over the years there have many advancements in the treatment of drug addiction. The most effective drug and alcohol addiction treatment used today is known as Ibogaine Treatment. Ibogaine is a drug that is purified from a root that grows in Africa. Ibogaine is used to balance the brain chemistry while eliminating withdrawal. The success of this treatment has been proven to be exponentially higher than any other treatments available.