When your doctor tells you to have a healthy balanced diet, what comes to mind? Is it eating all raw greens for the entire week? Is it missing your breakfast just to achieve the ideal weight you have been pursuing all these time? If you have been doing these all the time, for sure you haven’t achieved your weight goals completely. It could also mean that you bought into the misconceptions surrounding healthy eating.

It is a good thing that you have reached this blog site because it only means that you are looking for information on what is a healthy diet and what are the mistakes you’ve committed that you wish to rectify.

Here are some of the most popular misconceptions that made people believe that they are effective.

Popular cleanses
Cleansing recipes are so popular these days, right? They have been allegedly proven that they are very effective, but the scientific world states that it lacks evidence. So why are they very popular? If you go to Mayo Clinic’s website, they even state it there that there is no scientific evidence to prove this claim. Other established websites such as WebMD, one of the most popular sources for information about health, even quoted from the experts that cleansing recipes are neither necessary nor are they proven to work effectively.

No matter how much the scientific community keeps on refuting such claims, the truth mostly reaches on deaf ears. Contrary to that, the popularity of these cleansing recipes is growing.

The main reason as to why these are very popular is because celebrities are endorsing it. They are the most vocal supporters of cleanses, thus the trend these days. You can’t blame these celebrities since they always face intense pressure from the public to look good in a particular way. They are not only desperate consumers, but they are also the passionate seller of various dieting fads. Because they look great, it is easy for those unaware of what happens in the background in concluding about how the cleansing works.

Experts have come up with a hypothesis that cleanses are made as a way to atone for the bad nutrition decisions people made, especially when they are excessively consuming food. A lot of celebrities, like Gwyneth Paltrow, sometimes frame the cleanses in such terms, as their retribution for the indulgences they did during the holidays. This is just one of the examples that celebrities do that the general population also follow.

It is almost like a placebo effect – it leads the person into thinking that they’ve done something good to themselves, even when the cleansing does not affect whatsoever to the body.

Almond Milk
Many health claims that almond milk has a low-calorie content, various benefits, its added vitamins, minerals and the low saturated fat. When you go in deeper with the almond milk, you will find further claims that it can prevent Alzheimer’s due to its vitamin D content. It is also capable of improving vision, muscle growth, and even healing. The part most people are concerned about with the claims is how it is a suitable substitute for the infants when it isn’t.

The almond milk term itself is already misleading when it comes to nutrition. The reason is that it doesn’t contain the nutrients that it claims to have. The claims they even state are those related to eating almonds. Thus the health benefits that most people claim it would have been doubtful.

There are more misconceptions about having a healthy diet, and if you don’t want to get caught in this fad, it is best that you seek a healthcare professional.